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Who Pays For the Legal Fees?

The cost of divorce can be a major concern for some. The question always comes down to who pays for the legal fees in a divorce?

In most cases, both parties pay the cost for their counsel. However, there are situations where circumstances require different arrangements. There are options for spouses when it comes to paying legal fees. For example, under NJ law, one party may be held liable for some of the costs of the legal process. The court may order one spouse who has more assets assists to pay for specific fees such as filing fees, copying and postage fees, use of experts, and other out-of-pocket expenses. Spouses may also be entitled to use martial funds to cover legal costs, such as an advance of retainer funds. In some cases, a court may order both parties to sell community property such as a home to help fund the divorce.

If you are worried about paying legal fees, contact me today to set up a free 15 min phone consultation. I can answer your immediate questions and discuss your options regarding the next steps and legal fees.

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