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My now ex-husband and I used Lisa Browning to mediate a few issues that we could not agree on during our divorce. Lisa handled everything in a very professional and honest manner. We were quickly able to come to an agreement so that we could finalize the divorce. I highly recommend Lisa for mediation.

- S.C.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Lisa Browning and highly recommend! She went above and beyond and every outreach and correspondence was met with rapid response. She is a true advocate and is dedicated to working toward the best possible outcome for her clients. She demonstartes smart and heartfelt excellence in her field. 

- N.G.

Lisa Browning helped me through my divorce with a steady, caring presence and that is really important when emotions run high during a divorce. She is experienced and knows the law. She also knows how to get through a divorce without giving in on everything and without burning all the bridges.

- E.H.

I recently worked with Lisa Browning, who was understanding of my situation. Lisa helped me in a positive way. She is professional and personable, a pleasure to work with.
I have referred and will continue to refer Lisa Browning to others.

- P.G.

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