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Living with an unhappy marriage while staying home with your partner

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Had you been thinking about moving forward with a separation or divorce when we were suddenly forced to stay home for an indeterminate amount of time? It might feel like there is nothing you can do right now, and that your situation is hopeless, but you can speak with an attorney for a virtual consultation. Even a telephone conference or Zoom video call can make you feel better about your situation. Learning about and understanding your rights and responsibilities at this time can make you feel more comfortable knowing you have a plan of action when this ends and we return to a sense of normalcy. Remember this is a temporary situation. One tip that can be helpful is to do your best to try to diffuse a negative conversation instead of adding fuel to the fire. This can be very difficult but is more crucial now than ever. If you have children, try to stay focused on their needs and work with your partner as much as possible to meet those needs. And above all, understand that you may have options and speaking with an attorney can help. Feel free to give me a call.

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